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Michele Rinaldi is a freelance landscape and cityscape photographer, originally from Italy but actually wandering around the planet earth nonstop. He has been studying photography at the College of Edinburgh where he lived and explored the Scotland for about 3 years. In love with the wild and savage landscapes of the north lands of the United Kingdom, he started travelling around chasing the perfect landscape to frame. Everything looks incredibly beautiful on a long exposure.

Location independent since he was 19 years old, Michele starts traveling as an affection to the curiosity of seeing the world, thereafter he amalgamates perfectly his passion for the "travel"- photography along with the sentiment of roaming around.  Together with his camera, he used to live several years across the Europe, bouncing amongst the Balkans and Hungary for a long year. Back to the civilization, he developed a full range of photography skills in Berlin, for about 3 years he has been studying different techniques in order to sharpen the perfect style for his works, taking inspiration from the world's landscape photographers leaders.

In Bruxelles and then in the United Kingdom a well-balanced solution between software and hardware has been found ponderously, whereas now after a decade of struggles, a visible layout has been drawn and a subjective photo-structure has been raised. 

Studying photography for almost a decade, Michele achieved a high skill level with photography gear and equipment, as well as a continuous updating with all the main software for post-production drove him to enhance the competence with Photoshop and Lightroom. 

On 2017 he moved to New Zealand where he had the opportunity to picture the most iconic landscapes of the world and the chance to improve the art of photography further and further. 




Landscape Portrait Photography

Professional landscape-portrait. Blending the beauty of the landscape with the poetry of the portrait photography. Enquire at info@michele-rinaldi.com

Indoor & Outdoor Photography

Professional photography for commercial, indoor and outdoor architecture photography. Enquire at info@michele-rinaldi.com

Professional Printing

Professional printing service. Choose amongst the photographs available on my website, check the portfolio page for more information. Ask me at info@michele-rinaldi.com

Outdoor Workshop

On-field camera equipment and landscape composition workshop. Enquire at info@michele-rinaldi.com

Photoshop and Lightroom

Professional photo editing with Photoshop and Lightroom. Individual workshop and lectures for the post processing with Adobe. Enquire at info@michele-rinaldi.com


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Photoshop & Lightroom
Camera Equipment and Hardware
Photo Composition
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